Areti Kontogianni
Associate Professor Areti D. Kontogianni teaches environmental economics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering U. of Western Macedonia. Since 1988 she is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE), a member of the Committee for the Study of Climate Change Impacts (EMEKA) at the Bank of Greece, a senior research fellow of the Laboratory of Applied Environmental Economics. She served as external expert on several environmental national committees and task forces in Greece, for 7 years (1998-2004) she acted as Academic Coordinator for designing and implementing the Inter-University Postgraduate Program on Environmental Policy and Management supporting also the design/implementation of the MSc on Integrated Coastal Zone Management at the Marine Science Department.

She published 60 papers in edited volumes and academic journals, participated in more than 50 research projects and presented her research in more than 100 conferences and workshops. She has 14 years of teaching/research experience, supervised more than 60 MSc and 50 Bachelor thesis. 

She has been involved as principal investigator in European research projects applying Interdisciplinary Approaches to Natural Resources Management; Economic Valuation of ecosystem goods and services; sustainability and resilience issues ; Qualitative Research Methods for social engineering focusing on human behavioural aspects: Stakeholder Analysis/ Social Risk perceptions, Analysis of public attitudes and preferences; Energy and Climate Economics.

In CONSEED project she is participating in all WPs, co-leading WP5 ‘Consumer Behavioural Model and Discount Rate’.

Work Packages 1 - 7