Research ConsortiumPartners

The CONSEED project has five European consortium members, led by Trinity College Dublin
  1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
    TCD is the overall project lead with responsibility for WP6 - Policy and WP8 - Management. Project staff are based in the Trinity Research in Social Sciences (TRiSS) centre at the Department of Economics.
  2. CICERO Center for International Climate Research
    CICERO has responsibility for WP4 - Field Trials and Discrete Choice Experiments and WP7 - Dissemination and Stakeholder Engagement.
  3. Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)
    BC3 has responsibility for WP1 - Theoretical Framework and WP3 - Consumer Surveys.
  4. University of Ljubljana (UL)
    UL has responsibility for WP2 - Focus Groups. Project staff are based in the Laboratory for Energy Policy (LEST) at the university's Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
  5. Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)
    AUA has responsibility for WP5 - Consumer Behaviour Model and Discount Rate.
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The CONSEED project is supported by external partners., Ireland's most popular online property portal, is a partner to the CONSEED project.

It will help with focus groups and consumer surveys relating to the property sector, as well as taking part in a field trial, where energy efficiency information will be displayed in a monetary format as well as in the official alphabetic rating scale.