Michalis Skourtos
Professor Michalis S. Skourtos holds a PhD (1984) in Economics from the J. W. von Goethe Universität, Frankfurt/M (Germany) and a BA in Economics (1977) from the National University of Athens (Greece). He is currently Professor of Economics at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural University of Athens (Greece).

He has over 28 years experience in research/teaching in applied economics, spanning a wide area from basic economic principles to environmental and natural resource management to energy, water and climate economics. He is competent in legal and institutional analysis in the governance of global commons with a considerable experience on sustainability/ resilience/equity issues and public policy advisory assignments with various key institutions internationally (OECD, JRC, UNESCO-MAB, EUROSTAT).

Since 1999 he is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment [CSERGE], University of East Anglia. He is also a member of the Bank of Greece Committee for the Study of Climate Change Impacts, and a leading author of the Greek National Adaptation Plan. He is the Founding Director of the Laboratory for Applied Environmental Economics University of Aegean. He served as Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs and Environmental Policy – Greek Ministry of External Affairs and National Representative at the JRC Governing Board.

He has published extensively (5 edited books and monographs, more than 75 articles in academic journals and edited volumes and over 70 scientific reports) on the socio-economic aspects of environmental and resource use, marine and water economics, energy and climate issues. He is Visiting Professor and Research Fellow in many Universities and Research Centers. He has coordinated and/or participated in 60 research projects and presented his research in more than 100 conferences and workshops. He speaks fluently Greek, English and German and possesses a working knowledge of French and Italian.  

In CONSEED project he is participating in all WPs, leading WP5 ‘Consumer Behavioural Model and Discount Rate’

Leader of
Work Package 5 - Consumer Behaviour Model and Discrete Choice Experiments