Work Package 4

Field trials & discrete choice experiments in the household sector

Lead Beneficiary: CICERO
Work Package Leader: Steffen Kalbekken

The objective of WP4 is to obtain experimental data (stated and revealed preferences) on the effectiveness of providing information on energy costs for energy related decisions for households.

The work package will involve two deliverables: 4.1 which reports on the CONSEED field trial evidence; and 4.2 which deals with the CONSEED choice experiments.

The specific objectives of WP4 are to:

- Conduct field trials in the three markets with mandatory energy efficiency information requirements (household appliances, properties and cars) to analyse whether providing explicit information about energy costs can induce more consumers to make energy efficient decisions.

- Conducts choice experiments to explore whether the importance assigned to energy use in purchasing decisions varies across different labelling schemes. We will focus particularly on the effectiveness of explicit information about energy costs. Separate but coordinated experiments will be conducted for housing, appliances, and cars.

- Provide an overall assessment of the potential effectiveness of providing households with information about energy costs.

Prior work will be updated and amended to reflect country specific aspects using information gathered in the focus groups. The amendments will still allow for cross country comparisons. 

Download Deliverable 4.2: Report on choice experiments on the effectiveness of providing information on energy costs on energy related decisions in households