Work Package 5

Consumer Behaviour Model and Discount Rate

Lead Beneficiary: AUA
Work Package Leader: Mihalis Skourtos

WP5 aims to ensure that different data sets collected in consumer surveys, field trials and discrete choice experiments across a range of consumer groups, product categories and geographical locations are cleaned and made suitable to pool for econometric analysis.

The specific objectives of WP5 are:

- Cleaned data sets will then be pooled to form a homogenized data set.

- These data sets will then be will be used to validate the theoretical model and determine the relative importance of each factor in the energy investment decisions. 

-  A variety of empirical techniques will be used to gauge the implicit discount rates used by consumers and how these change by consumer group, gender, product type and context. 

WP5...facilitates an in-depth analysis of the impact of various consumer and product characteristics on the stated and revealed discount rates.